jocelyn. 19. rva. taken. i'm in love with hearts and the color pink.

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Anonymous: Of course! Wow! 100% Mexican?! Awesome. Do you speak any Spanish? Do you have family down there? What's your favorite food? Are you attracted to women as well as men? Do you enjoy receiving oral sex? Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Have you moved back home? On that note, I hope you don't feel bad about that. Moving out at first is tough, and most people need some time to adjust or get a better job.

yes! i’m bilingual and spanish was actually my first language! i have the majority of my mom’s side in Mexico and as for my dad he has family there too but we have a lot in Arizona and Texas! my favorite foods kinda go into categories. my favorite american food is mac and cheese! my favorite mexican food is pastel azteca, mole, mexican corn on the cob, and pozole! then my other favorites are desserts because i have a sweet tooth! i think i have seen girls before that i felt attracted to but i think i still lean more towards men! and YES I LOVE RECEIVING ORAL SEX!!! i’m definitely an introvert!! i havent moved back yet but im happy with that decision but i will miss the late night hangs every night!!


my friend thought i should post this
i was trying to inform her on the term “sleeping’ on” and this came up instead

i’m having fun with these questions (-:

thank you whoever is asking~

Anonymous: What is your ethnicity? How often do you masturbate? What are you hobbies? (Do you like to sing?) how tall are you? What are your top 3 favorite music artists?

i’m actually mexican, probably more than i should, i really like to do art stuff and i sing a lot when i’m by myself. i’m 5’2 1/2, and it depends but i’m really into Tom Waits, Timber Timbre, and Lana Del Rey (all very different from each other)

any other questions???!!


Anonymous: Like id do anything to be the person to satisfy you in that way even once. Or just that I hope someone does soon

okay i understand and in a very odd way, i appreciate it! and trust me i hope it happens soon too.



Belle de Jour (1967), dir. Luis Buñuel